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The concept of “beef share near me” brings premium quality meat closer to your home. These business owners aim to bring you fresh and organic cow meat without all the hassles.


They only slaughter the cow when all parts have confirmed buyers. In this way, the freshness of the meat is guaranteed. The practice of sharing also promotes zero animal waste. This is because all parts – including the innards – are distributed. They dispose of everything as soon as slaughtered and cut so that you could savor the juiciness of the beef. They deliver your favorite cuts fresh from their farm to your kitchen.


Cow Share: Sharing Meat; Sharing Nutrients


Beef share is a great way to support your local farmers and ranchers. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your meat is lean, fresh, and healthy as these experts grow their cows on their farms, feeding them only organic foods. 


Choosing to buy directly from them could help you save money and help you utilize and absorb all the nutrients a beef provides. At a reasonably affordable price, you get to savor juicy red meat and all its health benefits.


Beef Share Scottsdale


Muscle Development


Red meat contains high protein, which is essential in muscle growth and development. Beef contains enough protein that not only builds lean muscle but also repairs muscle tissues. 


Protein helps improve muscle mass and shed bad fats. Hence, including beef in your diet could significantly help in your weight management journey. Moreover, protein is considered one of the most satiating macronutrients, making it an ideal solution to stop food cravings. Furthermore, beef is an excellent L-Carnitine source – a nutrient that plays a big role in fat metabolism. 


Immune System and Energy Levels


Beef is packed with B-vitamins, which are essential in boosting the immune system – from Thiamin (B1) to Riboflavin (B2) to Niacin (B3) to Pantothenic Acid (B5). It also contains B6 and B12, which could give you the energy you need without the side effects of a sudden drop afterward like how sugar does. 


While the cow meat already provides enough essential nutrients and amino acids, its bone broth is an immune system and energy-boosting superfood. Also, its liver stores a full pack of vitamins and minerals that detoxify and re-energize. It could rejuvenate your skin too. 


Beef Share Scottsdale1


Cardiovascular Strength


Cows, especially grass-fed ones, produce higher linoleic acid, which is a huge help in maintaining your heart’s health. It also contains Omega-3, a fatty acid that is proven to help prevent heart illnesses and complications. 


The L-carnitine that beef contains could also reduce heart failure mortality rate by 27%. Moreover, it has a positive effect on inflammation, hypertension, and stress. 


General Health


On top of these, beef is a great source of antioxidants, including what to be regarded as the “master antioxidant” – glutathione. It is a powerful nutrient that protects cells, slows aging, and prevents several illnesses. Cow meat is, indeed, an all-in-one red meat. It produces a long list of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, selenium, phosphorous, B-vitamins, choline, and many more. 


When consumed in moderation, beef is a wise addition to your regular diet and inclusion to your lifestyle. Aside from the savory flavors of seemingly endless beef dishes, this red meat is a great source of nutrients that your body needs. Be a smarter consumer and join the cow sharing community